Katie Pritchard

Welcome and thanks for stopping by. I'm a singer who also plays the guitar in various places around Greater Cincinnati and I also do many weddings a year. Typically I do vocals/guitar for ceremonies but I've been known to sing first dance songs, too. If you are looking for a musician or if you are a long-time fan, I hope you find a few minutes of entertainment on this site. Please contact me if you have questions!

Here's a bit of history...


Prelude vocals as well as various songs during the wedding ceremony.
Full Catholic mass cantoring.
Same-sex weddings.
Experience performing first dance songs, accompanying myself on guitar.
Able to provide music during cocktail hours.


Perform songs from low-key to crowd-rousing, accompanying myself on guitar. Some places I've performed over the years:


Loveland Farmers' Market
Lake Isabella Friday Night Grill Outs
Baum Pottery Open House
Empty Bowls Benefit
Allyn's Cafe
Showcase Cinemas
Milton's Prospect Hill Tavern
Fusion Martini Bar
Whitewater Winery
The Blind Lemon
Potbelly Sandwich Works
Starbucks Coffee
Former Borders Bookstore


Two-time performer of the National Anthem at a Cincinnati Reds baseball game.

I come from a musical family so I have genetics to thank for my talents. I've been playing guitar since I was 12, when I began six years of lessons that taught me the basics. In 1989, I performed my first wedding and who knows how many I've done since. I still love doing weddings ... especially after my own wedding in 2007.

In the spring of 2000, I began taking voice lessons at CCM (College Conservatory of Music) at University of Cincinnati. I took enough lessons to improve my range and vocal abilities. 

I used to make tapes for people as presents when I was in college and had no money. A few years back, a friend said to me, "Katie, my tape is wearing out. Can I have a new one?" I told her I'd do one better and proceeded to record my first CD of cover songs. In the following year, that CD made its way from Ohio to Portland to Australia and elsewhere. In the spring of 2002, people started getting itchy for another CD so I went into the studio and recorded another CD for friends, family and beyond. I have since recorded a Christmas album.

My songwriting path began in 2003. I've heard that something good or something bad has to happen to write your first song. During a trying time, I wrote my first original song, "Time for Goodbye". Since then, I've written more songs, most of them with a happier theme, that are fun to play at live shows.

Eventually I released a CD of all original songs. I have always loved playing other people's songs but these are close to me because they came from my heart.

I've been playing guitar and singing at various clubs in Cincinnati for 13+ years and singing for weddings for 25 years. Like many people, the reason I do this becomes crystal clear when I play for a live crowd. To watch people's reactions and see them sing along is worth all of the sound checks, lugging gear and money spent on equipment.

I continue to perform at weddings and also in various locations around town.