Ashley - Bride

Thank you so much for being a part of it. I think your live music added such a unique take on our ceremony and first dance. I had numerous people come up to me after John's and my first dance saying how they truly loved that we had done it that way. I think you made everything that much more special! The fact that you learned new songs (even at the last minute per my request!) meant so much to John and me. Thank you, thank you, thank you!! I must say, most of my vendors were pretty great but there are a select few that just went above and beyond and you are definitely one of those few. Thank you again for making our day that much better. You are a wonderful person and musician. :)

Marsha - Mother of the Bride

We wanted to thank you so much for making Ashley's wedding a beautiful and memorable experience. You were a joy to work with and your playing and singing were phenomenal at the wedding and for Ashley and John's first dance. Even though the day was cold and very windy your voice came through and it was lovely and we can't thank you enough. Once again, thanks so much for making the wedding spectacular.

Jamie - Bride

Katie was AWESOME! I was so bummed that I wasn't able to hear her singing before our ceremony but when we watched our wedding video, I cried listening to her sing! She was fantastic!

Jessica S. - Bride

I love music and when it came to picking music for my ceremony, I wanted the music I love, not traditional wedding music. I was fortunate enough to find Katie. She sings and plays the guitar ... She came to our house and played for us and I was floored by her great voice. ... I was so confident in Katie doing our music that I never once worried about it. I have had many people mention how beautiful the music was. On top of having a beautiful voice, Katie is a fabulous person! We emailed often leading up to the wedding and she helped me with so many things unrelated to the music. She gave me recommendations and also reassured me when I needed it. She is really a wonderful person and a great musician, you can't go wrong with her!

Cynthia - Bride

Katie is an amazing vocalist and guitarist! She really has a beautiful voice and an equally beautiful personality. We booked her a little late in the game and were really lucky that she was available. We used one of her original pieces 'Lindsey Buckingham' as the song for the Bridesmaids, because once we heard it, we couldn't get past how perfect it was. In addition, she learned a song we requested on short notice without any fuss. I've kept in contact with her since the wedding and found her to be a genuinely gracious person.

Amanda - Bride

Amazing voice, very professional and responsive. Helped out in other areas when needed, no questions asked.


Local singer/songwriter Katie Pritchard celebrates the release of her new CD, About Time... The disc -- her third, but first with all original songs -- features 10 tracks of hummable, organic Acoustic Pop."

Cincinnati Fan

Katie Pritchard, for those of you who have never heard her, has one of those voices that just makes you feel all happy and peaceful. It's hard to separate whether it's what she's singing or how she sings it that makes you feel that way. Her play list is a mix of 60's and 70's classics combined with romantic love songs and some of her own contemporary works. At some points you want to get up and dance with your honey, at other points you want to sing along - at all points you want to be included in Katie's happy circle.

Las Vegas Fan

I have seen Katie perform live for the last few years and watched the evolution from singer to singer/songwriter. This latest effort is truly fantastic. The song Dating is especially amusing, but Lindsay Buckingham is the real gem.

Pennsylvania Fan

Your CD inspired me to learn to play the guitar. I will be arranging for lessons in the next few weeks. I just wish I had a voice like yours so that I could sing too.